Phil and Ros BoydellBoydells

Working for The Navigators in Scotland   (Navigators Scotland)

Phil, Ros and their 3 children, Gracie, Elsa and Anna, are based in Stirling from where they lead the Navigators work in Scotland.  The Navigators are an international mission organization working in over a 100 countries worldwide.  Phil and Ros work with around 25 staff in Scotland, training, supporting and encouraging them.

The Navigators in Scotland are involved in student, church, business and community ministries in Scotland (and regular international programs).  Their aim is to develop what they call ‘multiplying disciples’:  Christianity doesn’t start and end with us, rather, we are ‘blessed in order to be a blessing’.  The normal Christian life is one whereby we are called to make our lives count in the building of Jesus’ kingdom.  The Navigators aim is to help people, where they are at, to live out their faith with love and compassion towards those around them.  Phil and Ros have been hugely encouraged by seeing new generations of people with a heart to make their lives count by serving, reaching and loving others wherever God takes them… the workplace, the school playground, the local community.

The Navigators long ago realized (as Jesus says!) that disciples are ‘made’ rather than born.  People don’t automatically give their life away without training, support, example and (crucially) encouragement .  Phil and Ros therefore spend a lot of time investing in individuals and small groups.  They mainly do ministry out of their home (which they use for meetings and hospitality) - they also have an office in their house. 

The motivation that keeps Phil and Ros going is seeing the ‘multiplication’ vision worked out.  One story that has encouraged them very recently has been the impact that investing in the life of one student on campus has had.   Ros helped this girl in her first couple of years at University and she then leads her corridor mate in her University Halls of Residence to faith. They all are helping this new Christian to grow in the faith and he is now significantly impacting other guys around him in the University…‘multiplying disciples’ in action!

Phil and Ros say

'We are hugely blessed and privileged to be doing the work we do and could not do it without the generous support of all of you at P’s and G’s.  Many thanks to all of you.'