Mike and Helen ParkerMike and Helen Parker

Mike is the International Director of MECO International (Middle East Christian Outreach), supporting Middle East Christians in their witness to Christ.


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It’s Tuesday, it must be Egypt!

That’s what life sometimes feels like for us. After seven years in the Middle East, mostly in Egypt where we led the English-speaking congregations at All Saints Cathedral in Cairo, we’re now based in Edinburgh and able to get involved at P's & G’s.

Mike keeps in close contact with MECO workers in five Middle Eastern countries. Frequent visits to the Middle East give time to encourage, advise, and liaise with national Christian leaders. He meets enquirers considering working in the region, and keeps in touch with colleagues in the seven countries from which the people come. He writes for mission magazines, meets churches and groups who are interested in the Middle East throughout the UK, and spends a few days each month at our UK office in the south of England.
Mike is also assisting at St Silas’ in Glasgow while they look for a new Rector.

Helen accompanies him on some trips, and aims to keep in contact with and pray for colleagues in a regular, committed way.

MECO’s priority is to mobilise and equip people and prayer for the Middle East. This is a key moment to pray as we continue to encourage Christians, churches and agencies in the region in their witness in a challenging time.
Mike and Helen have been able to visit most of their colleagues in recent months. Despite press reports and impressions, there are real opportunities for people to learn language, teach, work with churches and groups, minister to refugees, and assist in building and managing relationships between donors and national Christians. 
There’s a growing confidence among some Middle East church leaders, and a growing commitment to working collaboratively in mission.
MECO is a small company now. Would it be wise to collaborate with another agency with similar aims and priorities? Which, how and when?
Pray Mike, Helen and the MECO team find wisdom as they work out what the group's future could look like.