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Carrie leads the Internet ministry team for Arab World Media and Malcolm is their web developer and campaign manager.

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Malcolm and Carrie are passionate about seeing God’s promise of peoples from every tribe and nation worshipping him coming true today. They feel compelled to tell people the great news of freedom, forgiveness and restored relationship with God that Jesus offers to us. Their hearts are touched by those in the most closed countries who have the smallest chance of hearing and understanding this message. In 1990 they were sent out from Ps and Gs to work amongst people of the Arab world with Arab World Ministries. In 2001 they joined the media department and have specialised in reaching out through the strategic use of media since then. At present Carrie is Associate Director for Arab World Media and heads up the Internet ministry team, and Malcolm is a campaign manager and web developer. Their vision is
to see mature, multiplying churches among all peoples of the Arab world.
Arab World Media has a rich history of sharing the gospel through media, answering spiritual questions and connecting new believers with local fellowships in their own country.

Malcolm and Carrie’s ministry involves

  • Connecting young people of the Arab world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through online and social media
  • Engaging seekers and their friends through online conversations to encourage them on their spiritual journey
  • Discipling seekers and believers to depend on God, obey him and share him with others
  • Facilitating church planting movements by encouraging new believers to reach their own social networks and by linking new believers with indigenous groups