Middle East Workshop

On November 28th 2015 a special workshop was held on the Middle East.
Malcolm and Carrie, together with Alison Strang, Ali Ager and Mike Parker, led the seminars.


During the workshop Malcolm and Carrie gave the following two presentations.  
Click on the images to open a PDF of the presentation.
The presentations also included 3 videos which can be found below.

Making sense of the Middle East

Arab World Part 1

Where is God in all this?

Arab World Part 2


One session of the Becoming Atheist Series - Samir from Arab World Media

Becoming atheists

Syria as a Proxy War (external webiste)

Syria as a Proxy War

Refugee Crisis in 6 minutes (external website)

refugee crisis in 6 mins

Bible Passages

Mike Parker asked us to read and reflect on the following two bible passages:

Jeremiah 29:1-14

Matthew 13:24-43